Henri Bredt

About me


In 2018 I started learning Swift alongside school, published my first app, GlanceCal, in late 2019 on the App Store and have won an Apple Swift Student Challenge Award in 2021 at WWDC21. Since then, I have published three independently developed apps on the App Store and am continuing to refine my skills.

I've been fascinated by digital products since I was a child and made nasty sketches of apps I dreamed of building. After getting into the fundamentals of building these apps from a technical point of view, I started studying user experience design to deepen my knowledge on how to create valuable products that people love using.

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In the past years, I've come to love exploring the ideas, thoughts and lessons learned from other human beings through reading non-fictional books. Here are the books I am currently reading through.

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In off times I love grabbing my Camera (Fuji X100V or Minolta X300) go outside and take photos. I love capturing whats happening and photography is another funnel through with I espress my creative thrive.