Henri Bredt

Indie developer and user experience designer focused on creating meaningful, simple and long-lasting products.

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In the last couple of years, I have worked on turning ideas of products and tools I wanted to use into reality alongside school and university. Click »See all projects« below to view those independently developed applications and some work examples from my user experience design studies.

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About me

In 2018 I started learning Swift alongside school, published my first app, GlanceCal, in late 2019 on the App Store and have won an Apple Swift Student Challenge Award in 2021 at WWDC21. Since then, I have published three independently developed apps on the App Store and am continuing to refine my skills.

I've been fascinated by digital products since I was a child and made nasty sketches of apps I dreamed of building. After getting into the fundamentals of building these apps from a technical point of view, I started studying user experience design to deepen my knowledge on how to create valuable products that people love using.

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I love getting to know same-minded people, so if you are interested in app development with Swift, UX design or entrepreneurship, feel free to send me a mail and we can start a chat or arrange a video call!

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I'm also open to hear about interesting projects and work opportunities. If you think I’d be a great match for your project or team, reach out!

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